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Kasha Bonnell is a Minneapolis native with more than 30 years of experience in the artistry of hair and make-up. Initially, she began her career in the celebrity and music industry. Her diligence and fast-growing reputation led to travels around the world working with many talented and famous people such as Prince, Rod Stewart, Oasis, President Barack Obama, and Vivica Fox.

After several years of success, Kasha saw her interests gravitating towards commercial advertising as she worked with international clients such as Zara, Calvin Klein, Forever 21, & BMW. Kasha’s artistry has been published in American Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Martha Stewart, and Vanity Fair Magazine.

Kasha is known for her contagious energy, artistic skills, and work ethic. She is highly respected in her field. Kasha always seems to add a sense of peace, reassurance and inspiration to the people around her. Her passion for the craft and her creative talents are always evident in every beauty project she undertakes.